NEC Initiative, a committed mission-led company

Reliably guiding economic actors’ environmental action is at the core of who we are, which is why we have enshrined it in our business model to become a mission-led company.

Our manifesto

« Leading the way to a more sustainable economy by equipping economic actors with a compass to reliably guide their environmental action. »

Humanity is facing the biggest environmental challenges the world has ever seen. Runaway climate change, biodiversity loss, water insecurity. The evidence is clear: according to the latest IPCC and IPBES reports, these problems are driven by human activity and urgent action is needed to address them.

We believe that economic actors can, and should, be a part of the solution to radically transform the way we produce and consume goods to protect our planet.

To take action, companies and investors need effective tools. Tools that will help them navigate these challenges and identify opportunities to contribute to the ecological transition.

Which is why we are leading the way to a more sustainable economy by equipping economic actors with a compass to reliably guide their environmental action.

The NEC metric is helping the economy change course by taking a holistic approach to nature. In addition to climate change, we also assess companies’ impact on biodiversity and natural resources. Our metric is science-based and transparent, using publicly accessible data from only the most trustworthy sources.

We must all do our part for the future by paving the way to a more sustainable economy. For us, that begins with assessing environmental impact. Because we can’t manage what we don’t measure.

Our steering committee

We gathered experts with varied and complementary skills

Céline Puff Ardichvili 

CEO Look Sharp PR

Emilie Beral

ESG & Sustainable finance Expert

Emmanuelle Aoustin 

Mentor & Consultant,
Regenerative Leadership

Julie Raynaud 

Independant Advisor
and Researcher

Rodolphe Bocquet  

Head of Sustainable Development Expertise
at Raphaël Financial Advisory

Pierre Ducret 

Palladio Institute Director and
Board Member (EthiFinance…)

Jean-Guillaume Peladan 

Director of the Environment
strategy of Sycomore AM.

A scientific and transparent metric

From day one having a transparent and scientifically strong methodology was imperative for us. This is why our methodology is fully accessible on our website, for us it is the right way to avoid greenwashing, but also why we are constantly working with experts and external stakeholders to keep our metric up to date.


Sycomore AM starts creating
its own environmental
and holistic metric:
the NEC


The NEC is tested and validated on +1500 companies


Open and transparent,
the NEC methodology
is public.


15 new users, investors
and corporates.


NEC Initiative SAS,
mission-led company
is created.


3 new engaged shareholders
invest in NEC Initiative


Release of the new
upgraded and reinforced
version of the

Our 4 funding partners

They have supported, challenged and accompanied us since the beginning to make the NEC metric the next environmental standard.